Obtaining GANDALF

GANDALF is being developed using the version control software git which enables easier distribution of the code, updates and bug fixes. In order to obtain GANDALF, you must first download and install a copy of git on your local computer (or cluster if running larger simulations). The code itself is hosted as an open-source project on the popular coding site github at this address. It has been released under the GNU Public licence version 2 (GPLv2) which allows free distribution of the source code. Once you have installed git, follow these steps to download the code :

  1. Change into the directory you wish to download the code
  2. Type the command

    git clone https://github.com/gandalfcode/gandalf.git

    to download a copy of the GANDALF code master branch into the directory. (Note that git will automatically create a gandalf directory to store the code.)

The GANDALF userguide (stored in the docs subdirectory) contains more information about using git to manage your local version of the GANDALF code-base.