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Freising and Munich Airport

Flights to Munich

Freising is located extremely close to Munich Airport/Flughafen München (International airport code 'MUC').

Due to its proximity, there are several ways to travel directly to Freising from the airport

  • Bus - The number 635 bus travels from outside the Terminal 1 building directly to Freising. In regular hours, the bus departs every 20 minutes and should cost 2.70 euros per person (Note, you can often buy a ticket on the bus itself from a self-service machine, but you will need exact change in coins). For more detailed information on the exact timetables for the buses (including maps), please consult the MVV website.
  • S-bahn - The S1 train travels to Freising via a change at Neufahrn. In regular hours, the train departs two times an hour from the airport. (Note, you CANNOT buy a ticket on the S-bahn itself; you must purchase a ticket either from the self-service machines in the airport or the DB counter). For more detailed information on the exact timetables for the S-bahn services (including maps), please consult the MVV website
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  • Taxi - For small groups of people, it is feasible to travel directly to Freising (and indeed direct to the Kardinal-Döpfner-Haus) by Taxi. Since Kardinal-Döpfner-Haus lies at the very top of a hill in the centre of Freising, this might be an option for groups travelling with heavy luggage. A taxi will cost an estimated 25 - 30 Euros.

Trains and alternative airport routes

Munich lies on one of the major ICE (Intercity-Express) train routes travelling from Northern Germany to the South and is also connecting to surrounding countries by cross-border services. Travel times from surrounding airports and/or cities include

  • Memmingen Allgäu (~2 hours; 1+ changes)
  • Stuttgart (~2 hours; direct)
  • Frankfurt (~3 1/2 hours; direct)
  • Prague (~4 hours; direct)
  • Vienna (~4 hours; direct)
  • Cologne (~4 1/2 hours; 1 change)
  • Zürich (~5 hours; direct)
For more information on all train (and DB bus services), visit the Deutsche Bahn website.

When travelling from Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) to Freising, you can travel directly on the S1 train (~40 minutes). However, take care to board the correct section of the train because the train will split into two at one of the intermediate stations (Neufahrn) with one section travelling to Freising and the other travelling to Munich Airport.


Munich connects to many major cities via long distance buses and coaches, both within Germany and in neighbouring countries. There are many individual bus companies that travel to Munich, including Deutsche Bahn. For more information on other companies that travel by bus to Munich, please visit